At a checkpoint Dec 2020

The Checkpoint Dec 2020

It is sometimes tough to get employers & clients to trust you when they have no base proof of your capabilities.

It is widely evident; the professional world doesn’t give you the liberty to say you can until you have something (certification/portfolio) to show for it. To them, the validation is to prove that you have knowledge in a field by passing an exam.

With some years of experience using AWS Cloud Services, I still got turned down by dozens for a knowledge I believed I was well versed in. I had to re-evaluate my situation and it had to be done fast.

With “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” as my favourite quote and from which I draw motivation, I went on to take the certification with a beginners mindset (an eye-opener).

During my preparation for the certification, I understood why some employers/clients demand certification for some professions/roles.

In the end, I gained new knowledge & insights to churn out greater value for my clients. I added up to beat the status quo with a great value proposition. I mastered the knowledge I had.

Getting certified could look expensive & unnecessary yet it gets your thoughts & processes well structured via its curriculum.

It doesn’t hurt to prove your worth sometimes; take it on as a challenge to be better.

I dared myself to keep climbing the academic laurels and be best at what I do and so far 2020 is looking good.

Now let me introduce you to the newest Certified AWS Cloud PractitionerAWS CCP who can help you migrate your products to the cloud 😉

I bagged the certificate and I’m ready to take on new roles with a promise to keep getting better.

Shoutouts to:
- Ryan
- A Cloud Guru
- Whizlabs

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