The Checkpoint Dec 2020

It is sometimes tough to get employers & clients to trust you when they have no base proof of your capabilities.

It is widely evident; the professional world doesn’t give you the liberty to say you can until you have something (certification/portfolio) to show for it. To them, the validation is to prove that you have knowledge in a field by passing an exam.

With some years of experience using AWS Cloud Services, I still got turned down by dozens for a knowledge I believed I was well versed in. …

Serverless! Serverless!! Serverless!!!

Everybody seems to be talking about it.

To some, this movement has come to stay, and today, I decided to give it my all.

Goal: To build RESTful API’s that I can call from postman, both locally and from a remote pc/over the internet

I woke up with the urge to do something new today, that urge pushed me to look into Serverless computing as an add-on to my skillset 😂

Started by just jumping into it. With my first 4 attempts I didn’t achieve my desired results and from that, I learnt 4 ways of not…

Dennis Machu

Professional Scrum Master | Full Stack Developer | Fintech | AWS Obsessed.

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